Inflection Design Group (IDG) was formed in 2009 by Jack Lin.  At the start, the focus was on acquiring carefully considered distressed, obsolete, or non-functional properties and then realizing their full potential through redesign and renovations.  Operating in a down economy and during a time when many builders were hanging up their hard hats, Jack persisted through the tough market and was building new construction by 2011.  IDG is currently focused on identifying and acquiring residential infill lots in Houston Inner Loop areas to which IDG can add value through entitlements, permitting, lot development, residential new construction, and finally sales to satisfied home buyers.  For all projects built by IDG, the goal is to create remarkable homes through outstanding design and superior materials and finishes.  As well as acquiring the lots and obtaining financing, IDG provides general contracting, sales, marketing, and warranty services to projects managed by Jack for IDG and any joint venture projects.