Inflection Design Group, LLC, dba Acadian Custom Homes is owned and operated by Jack Lin. Originally from the East Coast, Jack earned a dual degree in Bachelor of Arts and Science in Architecture and Civil Engineering at Columbia University in 1996. Although he has had a long standing commitment to architecture and construction, he did not enter the real estate industry right away. After graduating, he had the opportunity to help Accenture, the IT management consulting firm, build the 311 call center for New York City, the largest in the country.

After about two years in the consulting world, Jack decided to return to his original interests by earning a Master in Architecture at Harvard University. After obtaining his Masters degree, Jack moved to Houston and has been involved in real estate and home building ever since. At Acadian Custom Homes, Jack is responsible for the hundreds of decisions, spread out over several months, that is required of a builder. He is driven by a focus on both detailed craftsmanship and how the overall design of a space can add to the comfort and character of a home. His objective is to achieve an extraordinary level of quality in each home that he builds. As a LEED certified AP who is familiar with the Energy Star Rating system, he is also concerned with environmental stewardship and strives to incorporate Green Building best practices into his projects whenever possible.