Construction Update

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We have made much progress since the previous update. ┬áThe City of Houston has approved our proposed replat and granted permits for the design. ┬áConstruction is now well underway and we have finished the foundation, framing, and completed the cornice stage through “dry-in,” which is the critical milestone in a new build where the building begins to assert control over the elements and is able to resist most weather related events, principally rain here in Houston.

2015-09-03 12.25.32
Units A and B with building wrap and windows installed. If you look closely, you’ll see the roofer installing shingle underlayment.
2015-09-07 14.51.56
A closer view of the roofing membrane. House is “dried-in” at this point. Shingles to go on next.


2015-08-31 02.29.03
Can’t wait to put these Milgard Aluminum skylights in.
2015-08-31 02.29.20
And here’s a Milgard aluminum casement window. The frames are thermally broken, which means the metal is not continuous between inside and out, creating a much more energy efficient window. Plus, they look great!


2015-08-31 02.28.49
View of garage.
2015-08-31 02.29.36
This is an area where three cladding materials will come together: stucco, fiber cement siding panels, and tongue-in-groove wood grained composite boards.